The MEDWORKS Research centre in cooperation with the Italian Association for Trenchless Technologies has received FP7 funding towards the design and development of a trenchless pipe rehabilitation system capable of adaption to a wide range of pipe relining markets. Our aim is to meet the demands of these diverse markets providing a security level, high performance, low maintenance solution with reduced energy usage and superior operational performance which our extensive market research has validated a significant commercial interest in our objectives. EZ-Liner offers major advantages in trenchless relining for long runs of pipe in a single operation with associated reduced labour, reduced energy costs, reduced disruption and reduced time for pipe repairs. By utilising a thermoplastic liner, instead of traditional epoxy methods, the risk of contamination from such chemicals will be eliminated

EZ LINE – FP7 – SME-2008-2 Novel Technology for low Re-Lining of Pipe Infrastructure- Agreement No. 243737