Gian Franco Caldari

Chairman of Agenfor International

Mechanical Engineer with more than 35 years experience in the design and construction of engineering solutions for industry, communities and utilities. Deep experience in the management of innovative companies and in entrepreneurial strategies for start-ups, combining corporate social responsibility with creative financing.

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Sergio Bianchi

Founder of Agenfor and Director of Agenfor International

Agenfor Italia Chairman from 1996 until 2012. Now General Director of Intl Organisations, he collaborates with the Italian Ministry of Justice - Office for Triveneto as researcher on radicalisation and de-radicalisation policies. Orientalist and Middle East Expert Dr. Bianchi is specialized in the field of Muslim minorities has carried out in-depth researches on security issues and geopolitics, supporting the idea that Islam may be a resource to counter the terrorist threats. Among his recent books "Low Intensity Conflicts in a Liquid World" (2016), "Is Islamism a Threat?" (2015), "Jihadist Radicalisation in European Prisons" (2010), "The Italian right parties in the age of leadership" (2008). His articles and video productions regarding a wide range of topics from politics to breaking news have been featured in national and internationally published newspapers and TVs over the years. He is fluent in Italian, Arabic, German and English. Dr. Bianchi is a RAN C.o.E. member.

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Maria Ladu

Project coordinator

Project Coordinator for Agenfor International, former coordinator of Agenfor Italia, an Italian NGO with expertise in international project management. She works with the European Commission dealing with security, human rights, and democracy-related issues to find new solutions and methodologies for EU policies internationally. She has developed her expertise both during her work at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a DG for the Development Cooperation and at the United Nations in NY. Prior to this she collaborated with a number of NGOs as a consultant. During these experiences she learned how to both bring people together around common goals and how to use motivation and teamwork in implementing project. She believes that managing conflicts and solving problems are certainly fundamental skills for every project coordinator. She majored in International Relations at the University of Florence and at the Sant`Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, with an MA in Politics at the University of LUMSA in Rome, and an MA from Durham University in the UK. She is also currently serving as the Director of External Relations at the Club of Commercial Diplomats, a non- profit association that believes in the importance in building relationships between governments. She is mother tongue in Italian and fluent in English and French.

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Monica Arcangeli

Management control

Architect and Professor since 1987, furthermore Designer and Construction Manager of the environmental restoration project funded by the European Union named Hagar (Palestine, 2006-2009); Responsible for the realization of civil construction projects for both new construction and building renovation of historic buildings, including in the field of sustainable building (2006-2012); EZ LINE Project: experimentation of new models of installation of infrastructures with the help of subsoils sustainable technologies (2010-2013); Project PROTECT Upsidedown, European Commission, CIPS: analysis of the critical infrastructures to prevent terrorist attacks within the Expo Exhibition 2015 in Milan; Manager of logistics, responsible for the technical design, general accountant, responsible for administrative controls, payments and budget control for Agenfor International since 2015.

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Anita Bernasconi

Administrative Secretary

Technical and commercial expert, since 2005 she has gained experience with secretarial activities, relations with banks, ordinary and simplified accounting.

Responsible for administrative controls, payments and budget control for Agenfor International Foundation since 2019.

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Damiano Pretto

Communication, External Relations & Project Assistant

Commercial and Accountant expert graduated in 2008, he held a Degree in International Studies (2012), then specialized in International Cooperation, Development and Human Rights (2014), both at the School of Political Sciences - University of Bologna (IT).  During the 2011, he attended the N.M.U.N. (National Model United Nations) Training Course at the United Nations Headquarters in New York (USA) and, as member of an association of young volunteers (Artinstrada), he co-organised, attended and reported a humanitarian mission in Rwanda.  In 2014 he participated in another humanitarian mission in Modriča (BIH), with Artinstrada and the Italian Green Cross.  Since 2010 he is also a DJ, promoter of musical and cultural events all over Italy, a well experienced E-bayer and a globetrotter with the passion of travelling.  Starting from March 2016, he works with Agenfor International Foundation dealing with communication, external relations and, since January 2017, he is also the Sat-Law, J-Safe, Mindb4act, Prophets, MIICT, ARMOUR, JP-COOPS, DeRad and Training Aid projects assistant c/o Italian Ministry of Justice, Office for Triveneto - Padua, Italy. 

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Nicoletta Gallori

Liaison and Coordination Officer

Liaison and Coordination Officer for Agenfor International-IT MoJ, former consultant for the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) within technical assistance and training activities to the Ministry of Interior of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to prevent violent extremism. She has developed her expertise both during her work in Brussels at the World Customs Organization as analyst in the law enforcement department and at the European Commission as project assistant in the fraud prevention and Intelligence unit. Her tasks mainly focused on operational management and monitoring of EU projects and follow-up. Prior to this she collaborated as junior consultant with think tanks dealing with security where she also conducted researches on issues related to transnational organized crime. Her educational background focused on International Relations and European Criminology. She majored in International Relations at the University of Florence, with a Master in European Criminology at the Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven. She is mother tongue in Italian and fluent in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. 

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Matteo Pugliese

Researcher and Advisor

Matteo Pugliese is a researcher and advisor on counter terrorism and international security. He contributes to the European Eye on Radicalization network and is an ISPI Associate Research Fellow for the Center on Radicalization and International Terrorism. His research interests focus on the state of emergency, jihadism, counter terrorism legislation, CVE/PVE policies. Pugliese contributed to the journals of the Italian Defence Staff and the Italian intelligence. Since 2015, he has been working with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, mainly dealing with PVE/CVE policies. In 2017, he was appointed Special Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, Sebastian Kurz, on Youth & Security and contributed to the final recommendations of the OSCE Counter Terrorism Conference. In 2018, he was confirmed the same position by the Italian Chairmanship. Pugliese holds a J.D. from the University of Genova and a M.A. in Strategic Studies and International Security from the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. He has also studied at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and the University of Zagreb, Croatia. Pugliese graduated from the Italian Naval War College in the General Staff Officers’ Course. 

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Vincenzo Tata

Field Manager - Libya

He is currently based in Tripoli (Libya), where he operates for AGENFOR INTERNATIONAL since 2016 as its Field Operations Manager, representing the organization by planning, supervising and implementing Agenfor International’s local activities country-wide, and liaising with Libyan official institutions and destinations. For Agenfor International he leads, in Libya, the implementation of the EU-financed projects: Project “Takedown”: research activities on relations between organized crime, immigration and terrorism in the North African and Sahel countries; Project “Derad”: mapping and researching religious radicalization paths and features in Libya, as a support activity to the shaping of de-radicalization modules to be applied in the EU and in the North African and Sahel ountries; Project “Training Aid”: training of a network of EU and North African practitioners, in the field of research and counter-radicalization activities; Project RAN (DG Home) - Libya 2017: support to the creation of a network of North African and Sahelian practitioners, and liaison with concerned Libyan institutions. During the last year, in addition to the above mentioned activities, he contributed to the conceptualization, preparation and presentation of 3 additional EU projects, and in the signature of 15 main partnership agreements with Libyan municipalities and CSOs.

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Francesco Cavuoto


Seconded from the Italian Finacial Police to carry our reseraches on the EU-organized crime within the framework of the Pol-Primett II Project. Commander of the monetary falsification division and other payment means - industrial and intellectual proprietary right of the “Guardia di Finanza” of Ancona.

Aldo Madia

Security Analyst

15 years experience as Director by the Italian Ministry of Interior. From 2011 then, manager by the Italian Presidency of the Ministers, area analysis and security. Studies in geo-strategy, economics, criminology and informatics. Aldo has a wide international experiences for his long-term official appointments in France, Spain, UK, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan and Sudan. Today he is a project manager with expertise in security analysis focusing on counter-terrorism, crisis prevention and democratic dialogue promotion.

Fausto Biloslavo


War Reporter.  War reporting and monitoring critical areas (Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan theater, Africa and the Balkans). Il Giornale - Milan (Italian newspaper 1995-2013); Panorama -Milan (Italian weekly magazine 1997-2000). Report productions for the italian TV networks Mediaset and RAI.

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James M.Dorsey


James M. Dorsey is a Senior Fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University. He is also co-director of the University of Würzburg’s Institute for Fan Culture, and the author of "The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer".

Serena Bianchi

Junior Researcher

Serena is a practitioner in security at the University of Vienna, where she is developing know-how, competences and skills in Jewish and Middle East Studies. In 2016 she worked in Iraq as volunteer in the refugee camps to support minorities and children escaped from ISIS. Fluent in Italian, English, Hebrew and Arabic she also studied Hebrew at the University of Haifa (2014). During 2015, she cooperated with the EU funded project ISDEP for the London Metropolitan Police and contributed to the organisation into the online campus, while in 2016 she took part at the Project "TAKEDOWN", working on Organized Crime (OC) and Terrorist Network (TN) within Europe.

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