PROPHETS - Agenfor International




Start: February 2018      End: February 2021

The project focuses on the phenomenon of cybercrime and aims at developing a coherent and adaptable security model on an european scale, built on the interaction between human factors within the cyber ecosystem and able to address the four fundamental dimensions at the center of the phenomenon:

1. Early identification of security threats;

2. Research, as part of a new public-private governance;

3. The increased complexity of the answers to the problem due to the expansion of the security perimeters towards new social areas and the emergency to face the related legal problems and, last but not in order of importance,

4. The perception of security and freedom among citizens that requires a new communication strategy by the police forces (LEA – Law Enforcement Agencies) and those who contribute to the creation of security policies.

Specific Objectives: PROPHETS will deliver the strategic outcomes through seven critical objectives that will encompass extensive research exploring the key factors that underpin cybercriminal and online terrorist behaviour.

In particular, PROPHETS focuses on the psychological processes that transform vulnerable or influential Internet users into participating or enabling cybercrime and cyberterrorism. PROPHETS is working to develop and create real-world Impact and will look to realise each of the following seven objectives through the research-to-reality paradigm that will deliver clear impacts and societal benefits specific to each objective.

Objective 1:    Online Awareness, Capacity and Resilience Building;

Objective 2:    Understanding Online Material;

Objective 3:    Identifying Underlying Psychological Traits;

Objective 4:    Recognising Ethical, Moral and Legal Concerns;

Objective 5:    Exploring Cybercrime as a Service;

Objective 6:    Policy Shaping, Training and Public Engagement;

Objective 7:    Tools to Enhance Capabilities and Counter Radical Behaviours.

Consortium: Leader Hochschule Fur Den Offentlichen Dienst In Bayern (D), Sheffield Hallam University (UK), Police Service of Northern Ireland (UK), Policijska Akademija (HR), Agenfor International Foundation (IT), Ethniko Kentro Erevnas Kai Technologikis Anaptyxis (GR), European Institute Foundation (BG), Freie Universitaet Berlin (D), Polizeipraesidium Muenchen (D), Ministero Della Giustizia (IT), Politsei- ja Piirivalveamet (EST), Universidad De Granada (E), Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (NL), Kentro Meleton Asfaleias (GR), Ayuntamiento De Calp (E), Politiezone Brecht-Malle-Schilde-Zoersel (B).

This project has received fundings fromt the Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation action under the Grant Agreement no. 786894.


is a not for profit network aiming to work in the over-lapping contexts of development, humanitarian crises and human rights. Our goal is to ensure Security through a better protection of human rights and socio-political participation with a particular focus on minorities, prisoners and other vulnerable groups. We are active in the field of counter-radicalization with training courses and research activities addressing the needs of first-line practitioners from the public and private sectors all around Europe. We periodically plan proposals in the field of security, human rights and international cooperation to EU and other international funds with the support of an extended partnership that comprises all 28 EU countries, Switzerland and Turkey.