Mr. Nanis during his presentation

A break-down session of the panel was dedicated to the situation in Libya and the potential impact the Libyan situation may have on Europe. 

The main topic of the above-mentioned meeting was “Radicalization, Terrorism and Community Resilience within a Multidisciplinary Perspective”.

The event was organized within the framework of the EU-funded projects DERAD and TRAINING AID.

Among security, military and academic experts also some former foreign fighters attended the event and offered to the participants the opportunity of a fruitful and exclusive exchange of opinions on the root causes of this emerging phenomenon and its multidimensional dynamics.  

The panel on Libya was introduced by Mr. Younis Ismaeel Nanis and coordinated by Agenfor’s field manager in Tripoli, Mr. Vincenzo Tata.

Mr. Nanis is a former militia commander of the revolutionary forces of Zuwara belonging to the Amazigh minority. He provided in-deep analysis concerning the human being trafficking in Tripolitania, the routes exploited by the different gangs, tribal and criminal groups, but also insights on the Libyan attitudes towards these phenomena and the interrelations between organized crime, terrorist networks and local insurgencies.

He also illustrated the critical events of the ongoing Frontex and Eubam missions and the limits experienced by the activities undertaken by UNSMIL.

You can find attached Mr Nanis’s slides about Oil and Gas infrastructures in Libya, the ethnic map, the political situation on the ground, the main migration routes and Isis in Libya.