About us


Agenfor International is a private nonprofit ngo advocating for participative security.

We contribute to harmonize state and citizen’s needs, with a specific focus on minorities and prisoners’ rights, connecting civil society organizations with institutions. Our mission is the balancing of relationships between International agencies, states, nations and individuals within the post-modern societies.

The European Convention on Human Rights is the compass we use to navigate the rights of individuals, communities and nations co-habiting under the organization of the State.

Where we operate: Europe, Switzerland and the Arab and Muslim world (Libya, Syria, Iraq).

Among the projects we got involved in during the period 2008-2016 there are:

  • CRYME: Radicalization within the European prisons;
  • POL-PRIMETT I & II: Metal theft in Europe: an emerging threat;
  • ISDEP: Improving security through democratic participation;
  • EURAD: Sharia's based approach to counter radicalization;
  • UPSIDEDOWN: Protection of underground infrastructures from terrorism;
  • PRISNET: Radicalization and gangs within the Western Balkans prisons;
  • TRANSVERSAL BRIDGE: the emerging threat of Transversal Terroristic Alliances and the radicalization of the EU social climate.

Among the ongoing projects there are:

  • DERAD: Application of the Framework Directives for prisoners' transfer;
  • TAKEDOWN (Horizon 2020): Research on the relations between Organized Crime and Terrorism;
  • TRAINING AID: Mobile Assistance Interagency teams to detect and prevent the escalation of violent radicalization;
  • MINDb4ACT: Mapping, IdentifyiNg and Developing skills and opportunities in operating environments to co-create innovative, ethical and effective ACTions to tackle radicalization leading to violent extremism.

We produce researches and analysis for institutions, academies and intelligence communities, videos and documentaries for social media and established media outlets, original training contents for inter-forces agencies.

We connect communities and local leaders or experts to institutions, with the aim to share experiences, information and best practices.

We design pilot and test initiatives at MS level to adapt new EU security legislations to existing operational models, legal frameworks and national needs.

For further information about us and our activities please visit our International Projects section (www.agenformedia.com/international-projects), or download our 2015/2016 activities report here below.

Activities report 2015/16 (732.92 KB)