JOHANNES DE JONG - Agenfor International



Director Christian Political Foundation for Europe


Johannes de Jong is the Director of the Christian Political Foundation for Europe ( . He has been working with the Syriac Christians of Iraq and Syria, the Yazidi’s, Turkmen people of Iraq and Syrian Kurds. The CPFE is the European political Foundation of the European Christian Political Movement ( The CPFE is supported by the European Parliament but the EP is not responsible for the statements of the CPFE. The CPFE believes in a relational approach to policy and that includes Economy and Foreign Affairs.


is a not for profit network aiming to work in the over-lapping contexts of development, humanitarian crises and human rights. Our goal is to ensure Security through a better protection of human rights and socio-political participation with a particular focus on minorities, prisoners and other vulnerable groups. We are active in the field of counter-radicalization with training courses and research activities addressing the needs of first-line practitioners from the public and private sectors all around Europe. We periodically plan proposals in the field of security, human rights and international cooperation to EU and other international funds with the support of an extended partnership that comprises all 28 EU countries, Switzerland and Turkey.