BIGOSINT - Agenfor International



Countering Trafficking in Human Beings through Big Data and OSINT Analysis

Project BIGOSINT aims to:

1. Assess the state of the art in counter-online trafficking of human beings (THB) instruments, including both legal and technological tools.
2. Enhance relevant LEAs access to, and monitoring of, open and closed environments online, allowing them to detect, identify & classify content, users, and victims in an efficient and coordinated manner.
3. Interrupt the financial flows supporting online THB.
4. Strengthen cross-border and inter-agency cooperation.
5. Test new tools, protocols and joint investigative approaches to counter THB.
6. Reduce the vulnerability of specific groups.

The project BIGOSINT aims to achieve:

1. Improved detection of cyber-enabled trafficking in THB and its victims.
2. More wide-spread and effective use of technology for preventing and combatting THB.
3. More systematic use of financial investigations in cases of THB through a multi-disciplinary approach.
4. More effective and intensified law enforcement operations, including cross-border cooperation and investigations.
5. Improved capacity for setting up joint investigations.
6. Strengthened operating procedures and protocols tested through simulations and exercises.
7. New and strengthened public-private partnerships and further involvement of civil society in the prevention of THB.

The members of the PRE-TRIAD Consortium are:

The Prosecution Office of Trento
Fundación Euroárabe de Altos Estudios
Agenfor International
The ‘Hochschule für Öffentliche Verwaltung Bremen HfÖV (University for Public Administration)

This project has received fundings from thehe European Union’s Internal Security Fund — Police under the Agreement no. 101038761.