GREEN FUTURE EXPO SHANGHAI - Agenfor International




Italy can boast primacy in many fields all over Europe but the really satisfying one is the more and more consistent agricultural produce obtained without the use of chemicals and the ever increasing areas which are used for this cultivation. They are primacies which come from the acquisition of an environmental balance and from more than ten years hard work carried out on Italian farms with the aim of providing nutritionally balanced, healthy food for consumers.

Italy also has a long standing tradition of nursery garden centers and landscape planning of green areas: Over the centuries the services of landscaping Italian style gardens has been requested for the more prestigious residences both in Europe and the World and even today our green urban landscaping has become more and more decisive in daily life of a modern metropolis.

In this field the sector dealing with Italian Nursery Gardening possesses a vast range of Mediterranean plants plus experience in landscaping able to satisfy the  most sophisticated requests. The sectors dealing with organic produce and the landscaping of urban green have come together  to  propose a future for our planet which is closer to nature, respects  it and is more aware of ecological balances and which is able to improve the psychic physical welfare of the consumer in the world of today and of tomorrow. In the outstanding  and unrepeatable event of Expo 2010 Shanghai, which is a universal and all time opportunity of dialogue between China and the rest of the world, the theme “Better City, Better Life” is not a casual choice. Emilia-Romagna, in collaboration with the leading associations of Italian entrepreneurs in these sectors, Federbio, Prober and ANVE, will present professional operators and experts in China and in all the world, the more advanced and meaningful experiences, solutions and technology which have been gained in Italy over the last few years and will create new  ventures aimed  at improving the quality of life in our countries.


The three events will be between September and October 2010 in the Italian Stand in Expo, and will enhance the Mediterranean style of life, heart of ‘made in Italy’. Through these three events, the two organizations of the category will offer their Chinese counterparts a chance to come into contact with ventures and innovative produce in the sectors of alternative tourism, organic food arming and project landscaping of public and private green. WhatProber, Federbio and ANVE are introducing, apart from the farms and their produce, is a new concept of marketing based on common values which go side by side with the quality of Italian food and Italian landscaping: the enhancement of beauty and the aesthetics of life as a means of innovative development for the growing Chinese society oftoday The green of the historical cities and of the Italian countryside are the results of a centuries old culture of historical Italian landscaping all of which harmonize with the Mediterranean Bio diet and its focal point on sustainability together with typical food and to the nurturing  of local traditions. This has given rise to a unique tourist offer: a journey from Rome, to Florence and to Emilia-Romagna as far as Venice. The beautiful aesthetics of the Mediterranean femininity is transformed in beauty products for the body, in Spa’s and in the same way in Gardens, in enhancing archeological inheritance and in wine and food renowned  all over the world.