PROJECT SUMMARY - Agenfor International


This new and innovative project which Agenfor Italia is pleased to partner in is led by the Association of Chief Police Officers (Terrorism and Allied Matters) from the National Prevent Delivery Unit, UK.

The project has a 24 month duration from October 2012


  • Acts of terrorism and violent extremism can have their roots in ideological extremism. However polarisation, deprivation and social segregation are also factors in fostering the conditions for all forms of violent extremism to flourish.
  • The threat of terrorist attacks on communities, commerce and infrastructure across Europe constitutes a real and present danger that cannot be prevented by LEA’s alone.
  • To secure meaningful and long lasting solutions to the threats posed LEA’s and their partners must engage with the wider community and introduce anti-radicalisation strategies which tackle all forms of extremism wherever that threat might emerge from a widely diverse range of communities.


Develop practical resources to support a training package in order to equip front line practitioners within vulnerable institutions to prevent, recognise and respond to all forms of radicalisation.

The resources developed will use media technology such as DVDs to support practitioners within each of the following key work sector areas:

  • Education – Supporting institutions
  • Prisons / Probation – Supporting institutions
  • Law Enforcement Agencies – Protecting individuals
  • Non Government Organisations / Voluntary sector – Challenging extremist ideology

Each Member State within the partnership framework will lead on developing resources in one area of the above work package.  Each Member State within this partnership framework will be carefully selected due to the added value they can bring to this area of work through their previous expertise and knowledge around international and domestic extremism.

Previous EU projects will be strengthened and complimented with this training package.

The training package will be handed over to partner MS to localise and cascade training using ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions using their own designated trained leads in their own states.

Trained practitioners will be further supported by an e-learning training support system.


The resources developed will be aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  • Raise awareness of the various forms of radicalisation that exist within EU and the drivers that lead to radicalisation
  • Equip front line staff and practitioners to identify and respond to all forms of radicalisation.
  • Enhance engagement with civil society to strengthen resilience of individuals and communities against all forms of radicalisation
  • Strengthen practitioners to promote positive narratives which can counter and delegitimize extremist narratives
  • Create safe spaces to address grievances perceived by communities
  • Support mechanisms to allow practitioners to improve engagement at grass roots level
  • Allow practitioners to build their knowledge on how to counter the phenomenon of radicalisation by promoting critical thinking
  • To devise and introduce a range of training resources which make up a flexible joint strategy to tackle violent extremism capable of introduction into all Member States (MS).
  • To achieve meaningful engagement with key stakeholders in participating MS in order to share good practice in anti-radicalisation and counter radicalisation.
  • To sustain effective engagement with key stakeholders to increase resilience in communities and reduce the threat of international and domestic terrorism.