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Judicial Cooperation for the Enhancement of Mutual Recognition Regarding Probation Measures and Alternative Sanctions

The J-CAP “Judicial cooperation for the enhancement of mutual recognition (Grant Agreement no. 101046663), implemented with the financial support of the European Commission by the Justice Programme. regarding probation measures and alternative sanctions” project intends to improve the execution of FD 2008/947, through an awareness-raising approach, but also through the development of practical material (e.g., guidance booklet, contextualised glossary, updated software) to facilitate the execution of 947’s instrument) – having judges and magistrates as its primary target group, but also involving lawyers.

To achieve its central goal, J-CAP specific objectives are:

  • ​​To lay the groundwork for successfully supporting judges and magistrates, but also lawyers (on a second level) in executing FD 2008/947;
  • To contribute to an increased capacity among practitioners to use the above-referred Framework Decision, deepened understanding of its goals and operational aspects, as well as of other EU MSs systems and available measures;
  • To support a higher degree of harmonisation between legal and judicial cultures;
  • To support the rehabilitation and respect for the rights of foreign individuals on probation while simultaneously reiterating the relevance of judicial cooperation instruments in this respect.

For more on the project, visit the official website: https://www.jcap-probation.eu/