PRE-AND-POST - Agenfor International




PRE-AND-POST is an Italian judicial Network, led by the District Prosecution office of Venezia, Italy, focusing on
alternative measures to detention in the pre-trial phase (CFD 2009/829/JHA in relation to art. 12 of CFD 2002/584/
JHA) and during penal execution (CFD 2008/947/JHA).


The PRE-AND-POST Network aims to foster knowledge, the
sharing of experience and common tools, exchange of information and training activities with a bottom-up approach.

The project uses a grassroots and multilevel methodology for the networking, which evolves gradually from the local to
the national level and, eventually, bridges national efforts to those made at EU level.

The project contributes to strengthening the existing network of prosecutor offices, courts and professional associations
of lawyers, expanding it to cover all 26 Italian jurisdictions, to ensure a better implementation of non-custodial measure
at all stages of the judicial proceedings.

The project’s direct beneficiaries are the 26 Italian district prosecutor offices, 27 General Prosecutors and 140 ordinary
prosecution offices, 26 Courts of Appeal, and 26 Surveillance Courts, as well as 200 local Forensic Councils. Moreover,
further indirect beneficiaries include the Office I of the Italian Ministry of Justice (International Cooperation), as well
as UEPE offices (Probation) and USSM (Minors and juveniles).