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Doing justice to gender-based violence


Brief reflections from the Online Higher Education Seminar

We are pleased to share the brief but profound reflections of Lawyer Luisa Pola on the seminar “Rendering Justice to Gender-Based Violence” held on February 29, 2024, organized by EquALL and Agenfor International, in the context of the EUROJUSTICE and PRE-AND-POST projects, co-financed by the European Union.

🔹 An opportunity for deep insights: Lawyer Pola retraces the seminar’s journey, offering a critical perspective on the topics discussed. Her reflections address crucial issues such as gender stereotypes, rape myths, and the concept of the “perfect victim” of violence.

🔹 Key topics:

  • Gender stereotypes: Analysis of the expectations and social prejudices that influence the perception of gender-based violence.
  • Rape myths: Deconstruction of false beliefs and harmful narratives surrounding the crime of rape.
  • The perfect victim: Critique of the notion that victims of violence must adhere to certain standards to be believed and respected.

📖 Read Lawyer Luisa Pola’s reflections to better understand the dynamics and challenges in the fight against gender-based violence. Her contribution is a valuable resource for anyone involved in this field.