"Everyday Shoes" to be held in Triennale Milano, 7th of October at 18.30 - Agenfor International

“Everyday Shoes” to be held in Triennale Milano, 7th of October at 18.30


By Sergio Bianchi

The photography volume Everyday Shoes (2022) narrates the project conceived by Guido Gazzilli, born to stimulate an open dialogue with the detainees of some penitentiary institutions. Discussed by the photographer and Ludovica Rosi, introduced by Lorenza Bravetta, curator for photography, cinema and new media at Triennale Milano. Thanks to the collaboration of famous international photographers – including Michael Ackerman, Gilda Aloisi, Fabien Pio, Lele Saveri, Peppe Tortora, Angelo Turetta, Piotr Zbierski an analysis laboratory has been created where the inmates, through the photography and its language have embarked on a path therapeutic made of images and words, which he managed to evoke feelings, memories and hopes.

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Agenfor International Foundation is a not for profit network aiming to work in the over-lapping contexts of development, humanitarian crises and human rights. Our goal is to ensure Security through a better protection of human rights and  socio-political participation with a particular focus on minorities, prisoners and other vulnerable groups. We are active in the field of counter-radicalization with training courses and research activities addressing the needs of first-line practitioners from the public and private sectors all around Europe. We periodically plan proposals in the field of security, human rights and international cooperation to EU and other international funds with the support of an extended partnership that comprises all 28 EU countries, Switzerland and Turkey.



Agenfor Chairman from 1996 until 2012. Now General Director of Intl Organisations, works for Agenfor on voluntary basis as researcher. Arabist specialized in the field of Muslim minorities, Dr. Bianchi has carried out in-depth research on security issues and geopolitics, supporting the idea that Islam may be a resource to counter the terrorist threats. Among his recent books "Is Islamism a Threat?" (2015), “Jihadist Radicalisation in European Prisons” (2010), “The Italian right parties in the age of leadership” (2008). His articles and video productions regarding a wide range of topics from politics to breaking news have been featured in national and internationally published newspapers and TVs over the years.