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Gli Occhi della Guerra


Agenfor International remains in solidarity with Ukrainian people and strives to support Ukrainian artists by all means.

The meeting promoted by our Foundation intends to create an understanding concerning the dramatic and complex situation in Ukraine, without neglecting the cultural implications. The discussion will focus on the global and inter-linked effects of the Ukrainian crisis on migration, security and integration: response to the wave of refugees, experiences and challenges related to welcoming such a large number of people. In order to maintain solidarity with Ukraine, we need to think about the future and develop scenarios that would be preventative in its nature, concerning possible abuses. The exhibition proposed by Alessandro La Motta, an artist from Rimini who has promoted artistic dialogue between international countries for years, aims to consolidate the support with the Ukrainian people and to the art of that country ,by assisting artists in creating platforms where their voices can be heard. Hence the invitation to the artist Irina Fedorenko-Semira, Ukrainian artist, a refugee from Kiev to Munich and who in recent months has strongly proposed online and wherever she is allowed to exhibit the exhibition FACES FOR PEACE.

Download the Italian Brochure to the event here. 



Agenfor International Foundation is a not for profit network aiming to work in the over-lapping contexts of development, humanitarian crises and human rights. Our goal is to ensure Security through a better protection of human rights and  socio-political participation with a particular focus on minorities, prisoners and other vulnerable groups. We are active in the field of counter-radicalization with training courses and research activities addressing the needs of first-line practitioners from the public and private sectors all around Europe. We periodically plan proposals in the field of security, human rights and international cooperation to EU and other international funds with the support of an extended partnership that comprises all 28 EU countries, Switzerland and Turkey.



Agenfor Chairman from 1996 until 2012. Now General Director of Intl Organisations, works for Agenfor on voluntary basis as researcher. Arabist specialized in the field of Muslim minorities, Dr. Bianchi has carried out in-depth research on security issues and geopolitics, supporting the idea that Islam may be a resource to counter the terrorist threats. Among his recent books "Is Islamism a Threat?" (2015), “Jihadist Radicalisation in European Prisons” (2010), “The Italian right parties in the age of leadership” (2008). His articles and video productions regarding a wide range of topics from politics to breaking news have been featured in national and internationally published newspapers and TVs over the years.