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REGISTER TODAY: Event on Judicial and Police Cooperation


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Agenfor International Foundation is pleased to announce its first annual Joint Event titled “Judicial and Police Cooperation: Best Practices”. The event is organised in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Justice, and will see the presence of several European partners that work with the two organisers in the implementation of European projects on judicial and police cooperation. The event will be enriched by the presence of technological companies with cutting-edge expertise in the security field. They will provide both a crucial technical perspective to the topics treated in the conferences and roundtables, and will give the participants the chance to learn about the latest technological developments in the sector.

When and Where
The event will take place on 22 and 23 September in Venice, on the island of S. Servolo. The physical attendance of the event will be restricted to the speakers and a limited number of guests. However, the entire event will be livestreamed. Registration to follow the event online will open in September.

Conferences & Roundtable
Public Conference – New Investigative Models for THB (Trafficking in Human Beings) in The Framework of Public-Private Cooperation
THB is a serious crime that abuses individual’s fundamental rights and dignity. While criminal networks move across borders, investigating and prosecuting crimes becomes the competence of each of the Member States crossed, each according to their fragmented jurisdictions. Cross-border cases of trafficking in human beings are difficult to investigate as they require resources, coordination and good communication between relevant actors.

Public Conference – Navigating the Complexities of Judicial Cooperation Instruments
Legal cases such as ‘Enchrochat’ and ‘Sky ECC’ pose several legal and doctrinal questions, with a view to the developing jurisprudence of national and European Courts for what concerns Special Investigative Techniques, EU judicial cooperation, transfer of evidences and data protection and privacy in the digital era. Moreover, prosecutors often have to use multiple instruments at the same time or in sequence for the same transnational investigation, even if these are not always congruent. This Panel offers an understanding on the complex relation between technological evolutions and law in a fragmented Europe and how judicial training could contribute to foster a shared judicial culture.

Closed-door Roundtable – Threats from East and South: Smuggling of Commodities and Polycrimes
Oil and gas smuggling is part of a complex polycrime phenomenon associated with terrorism, illegal trafficking of weapons, financial crime, corruption, cybercrime and trafficking in human beings (THB). This panel explores the interlinkages of these transnational phenomena in the context of fragmented judiciary and investigative systems and how cooperation between different regional and European judiciary agencies, tech providers and EDPs could contribute to more effective prosecution procedures.

*The programme may be subject to minor changes
European Projects involved

  • FAIRNESS – Implementation of The Stockholm’s Roadmap in Cases of Terrorism and Radicalisation
  • PRE-RIGHTS – Assessing Impact and Performance of Preventive Measures on EU Directives and Framework Decisions
  • PROPHETS – Preventing Radicalisation Online through the Proliferation of Harmonised Toolkits
  • R4JUST – Radicalisation Prevention Competences’ Development Programme for Justice Professionals
  • SAT-LAW – Strategic Assessment for Law and Police Cooperation
  • PRE-TRIAD – Alternative Pre-Trial Detention Measures
  • UNCHAINED – Untangling the Trafficking Chain. Disrupting the Financial Business Model of Traffickin Technological partners
  • REXTECH SA – Virtual Reality Demonstration and Training Course Presentation, Radicalisation and Terrorism, Prison Search, Data Surveillance, EIO and EU Tools of Judicial Cooperation
  • MBS ENGINEERING SRL – FAST Platform for Investigations
  • SECURCUBE SRL – Phone Analysis, BTS Tracker, IMSI Catcher detector, Cell Analysis
  • IPS SpA – OSINT Solutions and Interceptions
  • Attenti Group – Electronic Monitoring
  • Leonardo SpA – Aerospace, Defence & Security
  • AREA – Information Technologies and Services
  • MSAB – Mobile Forensics

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