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TRUST – The Action Plan


The tales of Trentino...

We continue with the series of ‘stories’ of the territories where the Action Plan has been implemented.

In Trentino we have seen different entities come together, pool resources and share expertise. This collaboration exemplifies the potential we unlock when we put aside differences and work towards a shared vision.

Why Trentino, and not just its capital?
Precisely because of the peculiarity of each area.

Trento was the seat of the Council that gave rise to the counter-reformation and where the Faculty of Sociology is based, from which many figures, who for better or worse, have marked Italian history from the 1970s onwards (Mauro Rostagno, among them), have emerged.
Rovereto with the Vallagarina is an area that was tied to an industrial and productive economy, which is now struggling to convert to a different economy, but it also has notable morphological aptitudes for niche agricultural activities (vine cultivation in particular); culturally and historically it has had influences with Venice, having been dominated by the Venetian Republic.
Moena with Val di Fassa is in turn different both culturally and economically: in it, first of all, resides the Ladin-speaking population, which is therefore a minority and at the same time a linguistic majority.

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