VR DigiJust Newsletter n.5 - Agenfor International

VR DigiJust Newsletter n.5


The 5th issue is out now!

Dear Agenfor friends,

We are thrilled to unveil the latest initiative in our mission to revolutionize justice systems across the EU: the VR-DigiJust Digital e-Capsules. These capsules represent a significant milestone in our journey towards establishing a regional network of virtual training centers aimed at enhancing the application of specific EU cooperation instruments.
📌 Each of these capsules delves into crucial topics, providing concise yet comprehensive insights into the context, nature, and associated issues.

🥽 Let’s dive into what each capsule has to offer:

🎯 Definition of Digital Justice: Digital justice is pivotal in modernizing the EU’s justice system, leveraging technological tools like VR training. This capsule explores how digitalization facilitates easier access to justice, accelerates proceedings, and fosters cross-border collaboration, with a focus on recent EU initiatives and measures.

🔍 LegalTech Applications for Justice Authorities’ Administrative Support: Addressing large-scale investigations, this capsule emphasizes the need for specialized process and project management to ensure the protection of rights and effective utilization of evidence in complex proceedings, safeguarding the interests of all involved parties.

🔐 E-Evidence: As technology evolves, so do challenges in criminal law and investigative methodologies. This capsule navigates the complexities of virtual spaces, offering insights into the implications for jurisdiction and cybersecurity, as well as the ever-expanding role of digital evidence in legal proceedings.

🔍 Digital Investigations, Proportionality, and Respect for Privacy and Data Protection: Technological advancements empower law enforcement agencies with unprecedented access to digital data, necessitating a delicate balance between investigative efficacy and citizen privacy rights. This capsule examines the European landscape, highlighting the importance of upholding privacy standards while leveraging digital tools in criminal investigations.

📚 Training on EU Law: From the European Arrest Warrant to the interplay between domestic and EU-level prosecutors, this capsule offers a comprehensive overview of key EU legal frameworks and requirements, essential for professionals operating within the European justice landscape.


We believe that these e-Capsules will serve as invaluable resources in fostering a deeper understanding of digital justice and its implications across the EU. Stay tuned for updates on how you can access these capsules and join us in shaping the future of justice through digital innovation! 📚✨