DERAD is a European Project that aims to prevent the escalation of radicalization in the prison environment and help prisoners and probationers who are often exposed to Jihadist recruitment or self-radicalization to overcome the different problems and push factors usually exploited by recruiters, aspects that DERAD project aims to approach.

The project´s objectives include: social rehabilitation of these individuals, transfer to their home countries, public-private partnerships, ensuring mutual recognition to court´s decisions at EU level. 

Through a large-scale training programme and a comprehensive online infrastructure this project wants to reach all professionals involved in the integration process of these individuals: judiciary and judicial staff, law enforcement agencies, prison and probation staff, translators, social workers, etc…

Eight European institutions from six different countries will work on this project, which is led by the Italian Ministry of Justice, Department of Penitentiary Administration (Office for Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino Alto Adige).

The University of Granada and Czech Technical University in Prague, together with the Euro-Arab Foundation, as academic bodies, will create a protocol to facilitate the integration of the European national qualifications systems to a common European Reference Framework in this field.  

The result of the Consortium's efforts is HERMES:

HERMES is a unique training platform intended to provide interactive training courses for all people active in counter-radicalization activities. 

Other members of the consortium are: the Romanian Ministry of Justice (National Administration of Penitentiaries), the European Institute of Bulgaria, Agenfor International NGO (Italy/Switzerland) and the College for Administration on Justice in Bavaria (Police Department).

And now, join us on HERMES, the European Platform to counter radicalization, terrorism and organized crime in Prison --->