Develop horizontal, Shari’ah-based methods to prevent religious radicalization within European civil societies through the mass-media.

EURAD: harnessing the mass media to fight radicalisation

EURAD is a European funded project led by Agenfor Italia that will run from 24 months from October 2012.

EURAD will refer to the anti-jihadi narratives of Muslim Activists/Movements of the Arab Spring as a fundamental framework to develop counter radicalization processes.


  1. Management. The Steering Committee (SC), will comprise one representative from each partner ensuring the project is well- managed and coordinated.
  2. Analysis. Experimental examination of metalinguistic and semantic elements to understand the impact of media in initiating and bolstering radicalization trends. This will be carried out on the base of Islamist narratives, communication and EU and Muslim media (“radical” and “moderate”) identified through mapping activities. The analysis includes a benchmarking study on best practices for protection of terrorism victims.
  3. Guidelines for EU media sector. Recommendations will be elaborated in order to enhance the ability of innovative intervention strategies to counter the radicalised religious mind-set.
  4. Creation of a Europe-wide group of multi-media professionals (ESM3).The ESM3, will comprise Muslim and EU media members, as identified in WPII. The ESM3 will be involved in the production of 10 deliverables disclosing best practices and integration stories. The videos will be spread through EU media and promoted in Mosques and Islamic centers. A new evaluation tool “Video Impact Integrated Assessment Instrument” will show to the public qualitive and quantitive data on the magnitude of radical narratives.
  5. Dissemination. This component covers each project stage (see hereunder).
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation. The monitoring of all activities will be conducted thanks to the use of ICT tools. The valid project results could then be translated into the EU normative directly involving the policymakers.

Number and type of participants

The consortium will comprise 5 ORGs: think tanks (QF, Fundación Euroárabe de Altos Estudios), CSOs(PUAC), Europe-based Muslim communities(MAI),media and vocational training organizations (AI).


The management component (AI) will make use of:

  1. GANTT chart to advance the implementation of the activities in line with the scheduled baseline.
  2. a set of indicators defined in a monitoring plan designed by the SC.