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European Investigative Order Expert


Scuola Superiore per interpreti e Traduttori  Piazza Stazione, 1 50100 FI    Laurea specialistica di Interprete e Traduttrice Inglese e Tedesco (LS).
University degree of Simultaneous and Written Translation in German and English International Law and Economics;  Written, Consecutive and Simultaneous Translation in English and German.
01/09/00 -31/01/01 Forum per I Problemi della Pace e della Guerra  Via G.P. Orsini 44 – 50126 FI
Master in Law: The European Union – final report: “Europol: a new European Police Force”
Relevant professional activities:
From July 2017  I am in charge of International Judicial Cooperation Office  at the Prosecutor’s Office of Florence (Procura della Repubblica presso il Tribunale di Firenze) European Investigation Orders and MLA requests.
Translation of legal documents or requests in general coming to the Prosecutor’s Office.
I have been previously (for one year and half as support to the Exchange Programme for  Italian Judges at the Scuola Superiore della Magistratura – Scandicci (I) Participation as contributor fellow to seminars and conferences at the Department of Law and the Robert Schumann Centre of The European             Institute in Fiesole (Italy Transnational Global Governance Programme and Migration Programme) –
Support to the EJTN Contact of Florence for the Organization of    exchange visits for Judges and Prosecutors.
Participation as main contributor or advisory board to the following Projects:
Activities and experience in the field of human rights: I have worked at the Cabinet of the President of the Province of Florence – Dott- Barducci – International Department- and Secretary of an International Association dealing with Human Rights: EUAP Euro-African Partnership Association.