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European Investigative Order Expert


Paola de Franceschi is an Italian Public Prosecutor. For 25 years she has served at the Public Prosecutor Offices of the cities of Catanzaro, Padua and Udine. From April 2016 to September 2020 she was also Member of the District Council for the Judiciary and President of the Committee for Equal Gender Opportunities. She holds a Degree in Law from the University of Padua, a Teaching Degree in Law and Economy and a Master’s degree in Law, Economy and Politics from the European Communities at the European College of Parma. In 1987, she also achieved the lawyer license. As a Prosecutor, she has been dealing with various types of infringements of criminal law such as: murders, robberies, assaults, exploitation of prostitution, drug trafficking, trafficking in human beings, smuggling of migrants, sexual abuses and abuses against minors, cybercrimes and child pornography; organized criminal groups aimed to perpetrate the above mentioned crimes; racketeering, extortions, and mafia organised criminal associations.