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Ensuring a more humane and efficient reinsertion process

The REUNION project aims at contributing to a more frequent execution of FD 2008/909/JHA in relation to FD 829/2009, 947/2008 and art. 12 of the EAW.

Mutual learning activities, the creation of training materials, and implementation of training activities to enhance the proper execution of FD 909, along with having judges, prosecutors, lawyers, courts, and prison staff as its principal target are the main focus of the project’s implementation.


The objectives this project will work towards are:

  1. Establishing the preliminary work for adequately supporting judges, prosecutors, lawyers, court and prosecution offices, and prison staff when dealing with cross-border execution of judgements involving the deprivation of liberty, more specifically, FD 909.
  2. Contributing to originating and broadening knowledge between the target groups alongside the update and production of learning materials and the organisation of cross-border training activities.
  3. Creating distance-based and sustainable training programmes on the effective application of FD 909 in relation to FD 829/2009, 947/2008 and art. 12 of the EAW, and at the same time promoting a harmonisation between legal and judicial cultures.
  4. Supporting the rehabilitation and respect for the rights of foreign inmates while simultaneously reiterating the relevance of judicial cooperation instruments in this respect.

The project will directly reach at least 548 stakeholders.