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Strengthening Trust in the European Criminal Justice Area through Mutual Recognition and the Streamlined Application of the European Arrest Warrant

By promoting an EU-wide understanding of the criminal justice rules and safeguards applying to the different phases of
surrender proceedings in a post-Lisbon Treaty context, STREAM will increase coherence in the use of the EAW and create the basis for mutual trust between judicial authorities and legal professionals.

STREAM will create an EAW Jurisprudential Observatory to monitor emerging interpretative questions and application challenges related to the practical use of the EAW. The STREAM Repository of EAW Case-law analysis will provide detailed accounts of solutions adopted by the CJEU and national judicial authorities to conjugate mutual recognition with protection of the fundamental rights of suspects and accused persons, and respect for the core essence of different national constitutional traditions.

STREAM combines analysis of CJEU jurisprudence and national case law to understand how judicial authorities
across the EU are dealing with legal, procedural, and practical questions arising in the context of the EAW implementation. Comparative legal research will be performed by leading criminal law experts, who will pinpoint key interpretation divergences and application inconsistencies currently affecting the operation of this mutual recognition instrument, and assess the extent to which national authorities across the EU comply with relevant guidance provided by the CJEU and the European Commission.

For more information visit: STREAM website, STREAM Observatory, and Repository