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Islamophobia in Spain: Monitoring through OSINT


José Luis Salido Medina and Lucía García del Moral Martín – Euro-arab Foundation for Higher Studies

A significant number of hate crimes in Spain are related to racist or xenophobic motivations, whose passive subjects of the crime are vulnerable groups due to their race, ethnicity, or national origin. According to FRA Survey on Minorities and Discrimination, Spain has a higher percentage for this answer category related to North African communities (93%). The Spanish National Office for the Fight Against Hate Crimes poses that racism or xenophobia is the second most frequent reason for a hate crime in Spain. However, many of these racist or xenophobic crimes encompass Islamophobic behaviour. As the annual report of the Citizen Platform against Islamophobia points out, discrimination in which the Muslim religion is a central element is increasing.

The OSINT Reports Series, has been developed with the aim of providing an overview of the potential applications, on a European scale, of open-source research and analysis methodologies in prevention and mitigation activities directed against a range of potential threats. Each report in the OSINT Reports Series will provide insights, gathered through open source intelligence, concerning a potential threat identified by Agenfor International Foundation with the support of public and private partners.

Find our newest release below on “Islamaphobia in Spain: Monitoring through OSINT”, thoroughly explored by Euro-arab Foundation for Higher Studies analysts Lucía G. del Moral and José Luis Salido Medina!