HOPE - Agenfor International



HOlistic radicalisation Prevention initiativE

HOPE strives to create a network that supports continuous training and knowledge sharing in the Balkan, Southern and Eastern European countries, an European learning hub on Radicalisation.

A network of training and research organisations, academies, prison and probation systems to intervene on radicalisation prevention and disengagement but also to improve the transition process between prison and/or probation systems and the community for those at risk of radicalisation or who have been radicalised.

The project expects to improve the set of skills of judicial, prison and probation professionals on how to identify and prevent radicalisation in detention and the skills of community
organisations staff (including religious organisations) working closely with correctional services. Judicial staff refers to judges, prosecutors, supervisory judges, and judicial
investigators, but also the probation and prison staff.

It innovativeness relies on the regional specific approach to be developed but also on the active and collaborative methods that will be used both for collecting and discussing needs, learnings and best practices and for the development and implementation of training.

It is designed to add value to the European discussion on radicalisation and extremism and deradicalisation strategies by focusing on the vulnerabilities of Balkan and Southern European states.