Right-Wing Extremism in Italy: The Case of Veneto Fronte Skinheads - Agenfor International

Right-Wing Extremism in Italy: The Case of Veneto Fronte Skinheads


By Fabio Frettoli

The OSINT Reports Series, of which this report constitutes the first release, has been developed with the aim of providing an overview of the potential applications, on a European scale, of open-source research and analysis methodologies in prevention and mitigation activities directed against a range of potential threats. Each report in the OSINT Reports Series will provide insights, gathered through open source intelligence, concerning a potential threat identified by Agenfor International Foundation with the support of public and private partners.

Find our first release below on Right-Wing Extremism in Italy: The Case of Veneto Fronte Skinheads”, thoroughly explored by our OSINT Analyst and Project Designer Fabio Frettoli.



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Fabio Frettoli works as an OSINT Analyst and Project Designer with Agenfor International Foundation. Previously he worked as project coordinator in Tunisia with Terre des Hommes Italy and has interned as a policy analyst at the European Parliament (Directorate-General for External Policies, Policy Department – MENA Region), and as research assistant at the Middle East Directions Programme, part of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies in Florence. He holds a Master in Human Rights and Conflict Management from Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (Pisa, Italy), a Master in International Security Studies from Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic) and a Bachelor in International and Diplomatic Sciences from the University of Trieste (Italy).