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Soccer, stadiums and hooligans in the Italian context

Soccer, and sports in general, are a great instrument for creating social cohesion and for community making, but stadiums have often been used for the expression of violence and hatred towards minority groups such as LGBTQIA+ people, Roma, people of colour, and Jews. Many ultras groups and/or their member, as the hooligan groups are known in Italian, are known to have connections with right-wing extremist groups and organized crime, and violence in or around the stadium is not rare.

A red card to antisemitism – Soccer, stadiums and hooligans in the Italian context is the eight report drafted by Murilo Cambruzzi of the CDEC Foundation’s Observatory on Antisemitism for the STAND-UP pilot phase (Grant Agreement no. 101049532).

The present report is a result of a mix of resources, both the manual monitoring conducted by the Observatory on Antisemitism and the use of the OSINT software. We will discuss the issue of antisemitism in soccer as a whole, both online and offline.