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Understanding linguistic hubs to detect hate speech

X-Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are the most popular social media where hateful contents against Muslim people are widespread, increasing the overall hate climate (online and consequently offline).

The tenth OSINT Report drafted by Viviana Gullo at the end of the STAND-UP and TRUST EU-co-funded projects reveals interesting insights on the online Islamophobia within the European territory, through the analysis of the so-defined linguistic hubs.

To conduct the research and analysis, the team involved in the project relied both on freely available tools and on an AI-powered OSINT system. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all available personal data have been anonymised and/or redacted.

Before reading this report, please be advised that its content may be perceived as offensive or disturbing for some readers. Slurs and hate speech content have not been censored for the report purposes.



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Viviana Gullo works as a Junior Project Manager and OSINT Analyst with Agenfor International Foundation. Previously she worked as an intern and research assistant for the Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Menschenrechte of Vienna and as a volunteer in the framework of the European Solidarity Corps for the Point Information Jeunesse of Moulins-sur-l’Allier. She holds a Master’s in European Legal Studies and a Bachelor’s in International Relations, Development and Cooperation, both from the University of Turin. During her Master, she also cooperated with the Strategic Litigation: International Human Rights Legal Clinic and the Human Rights and Migration Law Clinic.